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The Capital Group is a diversified investment planning firm committed to providing superior advice with impeccable customer service.
Founded in 1965, The Capital Group is a family owned, independent firm whose investment philosophy emphasizes asset allocation, diversification, and sound investment strategies.  The objective is growth, but that which is consistent with prudent risk.
Our process provides you with access to investment management from some of the greatest investment minds in the business today. Because we are independent, our team of advisors is free to select investments with complete objectivity.
As experienced investment professionals, we are committed to understanding your unique needs and providing the time and resources necessary to help you preserve and grow your wealth.  Serious investing is not about short-term returns.  It is a long-term enterprise that warrants a long-term outlook.
Our registered financial executives will guide you in pursuing a prudent and balanced investment strategy.   No stone is left unturned in our search to provide the valuable opportunities for you. We look forward to demonstrating how our services can benefit you.
Our logo signifies our basic conviction on what creating wealth is all about.  Reminiscent of the old adage, “out of the tiny acorn the mighty oak will grow,” the imagery of the oak is a worthy symbol for a sound investment strategy.  Implicit in both the acorn and the oak are the enduring qualities of strength and stability, and the benefits of growth over time realized through a long-term commitment.


Finally, it means a commitment to provide you with the best possible array of investment solutions, services, and ideas all focused on the primary goal of helping our clients build and preserve their wealth.


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Warwick, RI  02888
Phone 14019432210   Fax 401-943-2210

          The Capital Group Investment Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor

Securities offered through Fortune Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.
The Capital Group and Fortune Financial Services, Inc. are separate entities